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Its time to break the mould. Break the cycle of busyness and lead your team to work smarter not harder!

Adding more layers, procedures, processes, meetings and working around people is sucking up profits, decreasing productivity and making being at work a drag.

Having spent the last 20 years supporting teams to perform at their best and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Donna has seen first-hand that mindset is the number 1 factor in preventing people achieving results.

People know what to do but they are just not doing it.

Donna is on a mission to empower community service organisations to get time back, increase productivity and profits through empowering employees to master their minds.

When employees are empowered to master their mindset the ripple effect is massive. Gaining a deep understanding of the importance of our identity, values and beliefs and how they impact our teams and staff is the key to creating more effective leaders, happier more productive teams, and increased profits for the organization.

When we learn how the mind works we can easily remove the road blocks, resolve the conflict and create alignment to achieve rapid results!

Donna is a Master NLP Practitioner and Mindset Coach who will customise the Rapid Results Program which is designed in accordance with leading research on high performance workplaces, effective leadership principles and NLP techniques including coaching to ensure rapid results.

Donna is recognised for empowering people to master their mind, and creating leaders from the ground up. Her training programs are engaging, insightful and will have a positive transformational impact on people and your organisation.

Services offered:

  • 6 Week Rapid Result Sprint – Coaching: A results focussed coaching program that can be taken 1:1 or as a team to gain clarity, build a mindset for success, and learn the formula to get rapid results easily.
  • Rapid Results Intensive Program – Workshop & Coaching: A series of result focussed workshops and coaching sessions, designed to address the biggest challenges facing your teams and create alignment of individual, team and organisational values, beliefs, and identity to guarantee rapid results!
  • Workshops and Consulting: Jointly designed to tackle your biggest challenges and find solutions to move you easily to increased profitability, performance, and aligned workplace culture.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Role, Team, and Culture reviews creating empowered decision making and creating momentum for change
  • Planning and Goal Setting: Strategic planning or/and goal setting sessions creating alignment at individual, team, project and organisational level. Working at the subconscious level is key.
  • Change Management: A series of tools, processes and workshops to lead your teams through significant change without unnecessary stress, overwhelm and burnout.
  • Wellbeing Workshops – Managing Stress: Reduce stress and create calmness throughout your office to improve employee health and wellbeing, improve morale, and increase productivity.
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching: Results focussed coaching to remove mindset blocks and improve results

If you’re ready to dig deep beyond the surface stuff and the traditional leadership content to really understand what makes you and others tick then book in a time to chat. Let’s create rapid results through increased productivity, profits and create a much happier culture that is results focussed.

Book in your free discovery session.

The Process...

Book a Call

Book a 30 minute free discovery call to discuss what result you want to achieve and how you can get there.

Choose Your Plan

Donna will customise a package to suite your needs whether that be coaching, consulting, or training workshops.

Achieve Rapid Results

Work with Donna to create a mindset for success and unlock your potential and start achieving rapid results the easy way.

Rapid Results Sprint

A transformational 6-week coaching journey to develop your mindset for success to achieve any result easily in life or business.

Rapid Results Workshop

Customised workshops focusing on empowering teams to achieving rapid results through communication, leadership and the often missing ingredient - mindset!

Customised Coaching Packages

Results focussed coaching giving you the tools and processes to achieve your goals without overwhelm.